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It is hoped that this Wiki will ultimately become the home of a crowd-sourced effort to understand and document the workings of Babbages' Analytical Engine - the world's first design for a programmable computer, made from mechanical parts using Victorian technology. It is the ultimate realisation of the "Steam Punk" aesthetic.

It's clear from the sterling work done by the Plan 28 team that it will take considerable effort to decode this information and turn it into something meaningful - and paying researchers to do this work isn't going to get enough eyes on the problem to make significant strides in a reasonable amount of time. Hence we plan to crowd-source the effort - asking volunteers to put in time in exchange for nothing more than the thrill of the chase and the glory of being one of those who brought this to fruition.

Right now, there is no actual content because the only copies of Babbages notes and drawings are held by the London Science Museum - and they have only provided very low resolution scans of them to the general public. However, it is known that much higher resolution scans exist - and it is hoped that they may soon be released in order for this project to get started.

Meanwhile, this wiki is in the process of being set up to manage crowd-sourced efforts if and when the source data materializes.

SteveBaker (talk) 06:53, 24 May 2016 (PDT)